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 Cybersecurity Consultancy & Advisory | Security by Design | Cloud Security Design 


We are a cybersecurity consultancy and advisory company specialising in strategy, architecture and design.

We work with small to medium sized organisations looking to uplift their cybersecurity posture.

We are Australian-owned and operated, serving Australian-based clients.


We provide specialised service offerings to our clients 


Finding good security architects and solution designers is difficult. It takes someone with both solid experience and right mindset.

That’s why our team are not your average consultants. They are backed by our security patterns methodology and framework, providing our clients with expertise

ISO 27001  

Many companies look to achieve accreditation to industry standards but quickly find themselves lost in endless checklists and technical jargon.

Reaching compliance doesn’t need to be complicated, but it needs the right people to guide the process and ensure it aligns to your business.

We offer practical solutions and depth of knowledge to achieving certification to these standards.


Building secure products requires more than just a checklist of controls.


We provide a managed service for Security by Design program that embeds cybersecurity within your project delivery framework.


Our managed service works towards building your internal capability against our structured maturity model.

Towers from Below

Searching for the right consultancy partner for cybersecurity?

There is an over-reliance in the industry on using compliance frameworks to determine what good looks like for security. Pushing endless checklists of controls and distracted from focusing on what are the actual security threats for your IT systems.

Many organisations face the challenge of wanting to enable new technology and platforms, but feeling dragged backwards in security controls that don't appear relevant or necessary.

At Patterned Security, we focus on building modern approaches to security strategy, architecture and design.

Our consulting practice has developed a robust, open framework to help you find a suitable security and risk posture. We work with you to review, develop and implement cost-effective security for your organisation and to strengthen your cyber security posture.
With extensive experience across various leading Australian companies, our team is ready to help you with expertise across security governance, architecture, design and assurance.

Why do we care so much for security patterns … Because design matters.


For any inquiries email us:
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