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Practical Cybersecurity Design and Advisory

Our unique consultancy model enables you to quickly reduce risk by tapping into industry best practices for cybersecurity, based on real experience and knowledge of what works.

How to get access to the right expertise in cybersecurity

Our staff reduce project delays through pragmatic security design and assurance. We provide modelling and analysis across the cybersecurity threat landscape using our Security Pattern methodology. This provides an end-to-end view rather than requirements being reactively identified by testers or auditors in later project stage gates.

We enable you to quickly reduce risk by tapping into industry best practices for cybersecurity, based on real experience on knowing what works. We’ve established our own principles and control frameworks, mapped against industry standards, regulatory and legal requirements.

It's not just about having a checklist of requirements, but understanding the rationale to those requirements, the risks being addressed and how other controls (that maybe better suited) can be leveraged to achieve the same security outcome.

Hiring Security Architects can be difficult and expensive

Many organisations struggle with finding the right people for guiding cybersecurity strategy, architecture and design.


Recruiting and maintaining a dedicated team of full-time security architects and consultants can be a significant financial burden, especially when you are in the early stages of developing and maturing your cybersecurity resilience.


High-quality staff can be challenging to find due to the specialised nature of cybersecurity skills and the rapidly changing industry. The retention of these experts can often prove to be an difficult task due to factors given the high demand for their skills and a competitive job market.

We provide access to security architects through our Monthly Retainer model

We provide flexible, cost-effective options for embedding security architects within your business as you grow and mature your cybersecurity capabilities.


We are not a recruitment agency. We provide experienced staff within a Monthly Retainer model for true flexibility. Our consulting practice has developed a robust, open framework to help you find a suitable security and risk posture.


Our staff start with the fundamentals. What are the most important assets, how do we protect them and how do we ensure security is embedded across changes made to those assets.

  • Understanding stakeholder expectations for cybersecurity

  • Address the cybersecurity threats impacting your business

  • Anchored against industry best practice standards for cybersecurity


Our services and engagement models are designed to suit both your business’s current requirements and with a pathway for continued growth and maturity for cybersecurity.

Why engage with us

At Patterned Security, we provide a truly unique offering that provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


We provide access to qualified cybersecurity architects and consultants based on your required capacity. This offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness for businesses that want to engage senior cybersecurity architects and consultants but are not yet ready to hire full-time.

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