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At Patterned Security, we focus on building modern approaches to security strategy, architecture and design. Our consulting practice has developed a robust, open framework to help you find a suitable security and risk posture. We work with you to review, develop and implement cost-effective security for your organisation and to strengthen your cyber security posture. With extensive experience across various leading Australian companies, our team is ready to help you with expertise across security governance, architecture, design and assurance. Why do we care so much for security patterns … Because design matters.


Our vision is to become the market leader in enabling accelerated adoption of Security by Design to Australian businesses through professional services packages and products. 



Focus on client satisfaction

This is integral to our business and why our existing clients continue to engage and recommend us.

Innovate rather than retrofit
Our company is here to build our own Security-by-Design methodology. We’re not afraid to challenge the norms and preconceptions within security architecture and design

Stay Practical

Our frameworks and methodologies are built on real-world experience of what actually works and not just an academic exercise.


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