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ISO 27001 Implementation Experts

Practical and affordable cybersecurity consultancy for medium-sized businesses who want to certify against ISO 27001.

The growing need for becoming ISO 27001 certified

Many businesses are increasingly required to certify against ISO 27001, particularly due to the rise in third-party security assessments by their clients.


Third-party assessments are rigorous evaluations conducted by or on behalf of clients to ensure that vendors comply with strict security standards.


As a response to these assessments, having an ISO 27001 certification can significantly simplify the process.


Without certification, companies may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage as they may need to individually prove their security practices to each client, which can be a more complex and time-consuming process.

ISO 27001 can be tricky to navigate

The increased security expectations from both customers and partners have led to a rapid need for companies to reach certification to industry standards such as ISO 27001.


Many companies struggle to implement ISO 27001 due to its complexity, the extensive range of controls, and the need for a comprehensive understanding of terminology.


Certification against the standard can require substantial resource allocation for implementation, which can be particularly challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We take the complexity away to ISO 27001 implementation

At Patterned Security, we take the time to ensure our cybersecurity consultancy services are tuned to meet your requirements and based on proven success for small to medium sized businesses.


Many ISO 27001 solutions in the market just give a set of templates and expect you to become the expert. Our solutions work towards embedding cybersecurity in your business.


The maturity roadmap is different for every company, which is why we take the time up front to understand your business, how you operate and your ways of working.

  • We understand the your current environment, ways of working and company culture.

  • We engage with your leadership team on priorities, goals and desired outcomes for cybersecurity

  • We analyse your critical and sensitive assets so that cybersecurity initiatives are anchored against protecting them.


Our structured engagement for increasing cybersecurity maturity and operating model for achieving ISO 27001 certification.

We enable businesses to become ISO 27001 certified

We offer practical and affordable cybersecurity consultancy for medium sized organisations who want to certify against ISO 27001 standard.


At Patterned Security, we provide a truly unique offering that provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness. We provide access to qualified cybersecurity consultants based on your required capacity.

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