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Case Study: Cloud Transformation Program

Ken Fitzpatrick

12 Apr 2024


A prominent financial services company operating critical services within Australia commenced a major cloud transformation program in 2023. Our cybersecurity architecture consultancy guided their program from the onset.

Their Challenges

As a multi-year cloud transformation program across AWS and GCP, they required a consulting partner that could guide them towards practical cybersecurity measures.

From early inception and planning, they knew cybersecurity would be the most challenging area of risk to address and required specialised skills in cloud security.

As a regulated entity, our client needs a solution that addresses both their internal needs and those required from external stakeholders.

Our Solution

We provide cybersecurity consultancy and solution design for AWS and GCP that is backed by our methodologies.

From the beginning of the program, we help shape the initial program business case in planning and forecasting, including security resourcing and effort.

We focus on the program's core outcomes and demonstrate how cybersecurity is aligned with industry best practices and benchmarks.

We provided a full-stack service offering to the client, from cyber risk management and planning to technical design, such as integration between native cloud security services and their pre-existing security tooling.

Our design patterns provided a phased approach to increasing security posture and prioritising controls to meet their milestones and early cloud adopters within their business.

We understand that cybersecurity is about managing risk in balance with the outcomes and deliverables of the program.

Our consultancy is anchored against a risk-based determination of controls that address their immediate needs, whilst maintaining the focus on the broader roadmap.


Patterned Security’s advisory services provided the client with a trusted partnership. They introduced a structured roadmap for cybersecurity across the cloud enablement program that aligned with their milestones and ensured cybersecurity risks were maintained within their risk appetite.

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