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Case Study: Visit-Us Reception certification to ISO 27001

Ken Fitzpatrick

12 Feb 2024


Visit-Us Reception recognised the need to assure their customers of their cybersecurity posture through adherence and certification to ISO 27001.

With customers across Australia, the US, and Europe they required a cybersecurity program that could guide them through the process in a way that made sense for their business.

Their Challenges

Certification to standards such as ISO 27001 can be complex. There’s a lot of terminology that makes sense for those who are trained in it but not for the average person.

As a SaaS business, they focus on building new features for their customers rather than becoming compliance specialists.

They were looking for a trusted partner who could manage that complexity by providing practical advice and steps for moving towards ISO 27001.

Other consultancy companies were either pitched towards the ‘high end’ of town or only gave generic advice with sets of checklists that did little to help.

“Patterned Security’s approach stripped away complexity, providing practical advice that seamlessly guided us to achieve certification. Their expertise instilled a culture of cybersecurity readiness within our organisation." ~ Alister Wood,

Our Solution

As part of a nine-month program, we enabled cybersecurity within their business for compliance with ISO 27001

  • We facilitate the governance model and tracking of risks and controls, built around how their business operations.

  • We provide a guided approach to adherence to compliance requirements from ISO 27001.

  • We provide flexibility within our Monthly Retainer engagement model, allowing them to ramp up and down as required.

  • We sit with the client during the ISO 27001 audit and certification process so that they have continuity throughout the end-to-end process.

  • We removed the complexity of understanding compliance with ISO 27001, by providing practical advice for cybersecurity and without the jargon.


We achieved ISO 27001 certification for the client with no major or minor non-conformances (i.e. Findings). We continue to support them in maintaining compliance and addressing broader cybersecurity and data privacy requirements.

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